Coach house accommodation
Rustic decor
The beautiful coach house belonging to the castle with its rustic decor, is situated on a vast domain of 40,000 m2, in the middle of the relaxing Ardennes.

The coach house, dating from 1706, was separated from the castle in 1919, after the Battle of Porcheresse (WWI), as the stables were broken down. Inside, the original character has largely been retained so that every visitor can fully enjoy the beautiful origins of the coach house.
After WWI the coach house was used as a traditional workshop for hand-made rainwear (impermeable). In the 20th century there was a small bread and pastry shop. Remnants of this are still visible on the outside wall.

Besides the coach house, the domain also holds the castle, mainly for seminars, company parties and private parties. The layout of the domain is determined in such a way that if 2 different groups are present, they do not disturb each other. The reservations of the castle and the coach house are only managed by Chateau Morreau, to guarantee the ultimate in privacy.

The interior of the coach house is ideal for a holiday stay for groups of up to 10 or 12 people. The ground floor is fully available as a relaxation area, living room and kitchen area. On the first are 5 separate bedrooms, sanitary facilities and a wonderful relaxing sauna located.

The view from the coach house immediately gives you that a relaxing effect. The view beautifully reflects the natural environment of the green pastures of the domain and the vast wooded Ardennes forests.
The beautiful nature offers the perfect combination of relaxation and effort such as walks, bike rides, mountain bike, hunting and other outdoor activities.

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The coach house is located in the village of Porcheresse, where peace and nature are central.

The typical Ardennes forests and green hilly meadows form the breathtaking view to the castle and the coach house that both belong to the 40,000 m2 private domain.

The 1st Floor
On the 1st floor there are 5 more spacious, bright double rooms, each with its own sink, and 2 rooms have their own shower.

In the 6th room there is a spacious shower and relaxing sauna with fireplace. There is a toilet on each side of the floor.

Ground floor
Spacious kitchen
On the ground floor you will find the spacious cozy open kitchen and pleasant living room in rustic style.

In addition, there are 2 relaxation rooms available and the stairwell.

Coach house SUMMARY


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Living area: 500 m2

Ground area: 40000 m2

Coach house: 1 floor: Original year of construction 1706.

Rooms: 6 large bedrooms for two people, including four with a shower

Sanitary: One toilet on the ground floor. First floor: 4 showers & 2 toilets.

Furnishing: Antique furniture, and decoration one sauna for 4 people

Arrival time: will be determined with your reservation